"We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God; and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ."
2 Corinthians 10:5

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Supposed to be studying....

Yes, that's what I'm supposed to be doing right now. It's now almost 10:20 AM on Saturday and my goal before I went to bed last night was to be up and at 'em by at least 8:30 this morning! So far, I have managed to roll out of bed, get a load of laundry started, a 1/2 pot of coffee made (BTW, I made the Beaumont Brand "French Vanilla" coffee that I bought from Aldi a few weeks ago and it is GOOD!!), breakfast has been eaten, devotion read, and to procrastinate just a little more, I decided to blog for a minute! Oh well...what are ya gonna do...I've got all day to get that studying done, right?!? :)

These past couple of weeks have flown by. This past weekend, Aaron and I headed to Gainesville to spend some time with my "Sisterhood Girls" and their sweet husbands and kiddos - we met at a park and enjoyed a picnic lunch together while the kids played on the playground. My sister let us take Luke with us and he had a great time - it's crazy to think that most of us girls were all around Luke's age (or younger) when we began our priceless friendships - I love those girls and it does my soul such good to see them! We spent the rest of the afternoon with my sister, Luke and my Mom and Dad - Mom cooked and we ate! We had to make it back to Griffin in time for Aaron to catch the first GA game of the season - looking back, I think he would have rather stayed in Gainesville a little longer! :) Looking forward to visiting with my family again in a couple weeks - we have my sister's 35th birthday to celebrate and my 31st!

School is still going well. Two weeks ago we had to take a Dosage Calculations exam and they basically give you three chances to pass it over the course of a few weeks - if you get three strikes, you are out of the nursing program. A 90% or better has to be made in order to pass. No pressure, huh?? :) I have stressed over this exam since I first learned about it over the summer before classes even ever started. Lots of studying and prayer went into preparing for this and it is truly by the grace of God that I passed the first time around with a 100. If you know anything about me and math, you know that we have not always been buddies. I received my first "C" in high school algebra and ever since, I've had nothing good to say about numbers. I'm slowly but surely allowing them a place back in my heart. We also had our first lecture exam that basically covers material from three different classes (lecture, skills, and concepts). I made an 87 on this test - I was really hoping for an "A" but I'm thankful for my 87!

One of the reasons I've always loved nursing and the medical field so much is because it totally and constantly puts God in perspective for me. I can't read a chapter in my nursing books or learn a new skill without being reminded of how intricately and purposefully He created our bodies. I think so often when I read how our brains or other body systems react to certain stimuli in order to keep our bodies safe and functioning properly - "God, You are SO good - You didn't miss a thing when you made us." And in the same way, He made the church to function together - so that each "system" works together to keep each other "safe" and functioning properly...otherwise, it can't survive. Our bodies truly are dependent on Him for every breath that we take in - and His Church must be dependent on His Spirit for each soul that's regenerated.

Ok, my first load of laundry is officially washed so I guess that's my cue that I need to get to studying! Happy weekend everybody!


Joe and Abby said...

You are so precious to me sweet friend! I am proud of you!

strange.friendships said...

You have an interesting blog